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=49th= Joint Operations Server Rules

Postby Fasttracks0 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:55 am

Greetings from the =49th= Joint Operations Unit. We appreciate your visit to our website and/or game server.

For your convenience You'll find our rules listed below.
  • Respect All players
  • Respect server Admins
  • Don't solo or single man assets which requires a driver to operate the gun/turret; needing both driver and gunner.
  • Join a squad because it helps foster great teamwork and prevents you from being kicked by the squad-less kicker.
  • Base RAPE is NOT ALLOWED unless on an Insurgency Map.
  • If you want to act like a fool you will be removed via a BAN forever!!!
  • Naming a squad after an asset affords you priority not exclusivity of that asset; if your not using it and there is a greater team need it maybe taken.
  • Asshats will be dealt with Harshly...
  • Don't create a squad before 1:30 or you might squad glitch our server...
  • Report abusive or disruptive players with the @R command i.e. @R Fasttracks0 Admin
  • You may appeal a ban in this appeals section, however there might be a long delay. You should also take note of the fact our battle recorder is running and all in-game text is recorded via AD-FRAMEWORK.

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