Appeal Ban's, Report Issues or make suggestions here...

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Appeal Ban's, Report Issues or make suggestions here...

Post by Fasttracks0 » Wed May 05, 2010 12:08 am

Hello and greetings from the =49th=. If your here, it's either because of a ban or other issue related to our " =49th= Joint Operations Chicago PR .95" server.

Please include the following information in your own thread.

Ban Appeal
  • Subject Should be player name and reason. I.E. Fasttracks0, Ban
  • Include the reason provided for the ban
  • Include the date/time and time zone when the event occurred
  • Justification on why the ban should be lifted or removed
Reporting an issue or player
  • Subject should be player and issue
  • Include a description of the issue and events surrounding it
  • Include the date/time with time zone of event
  • Include any other pertinent information
Making a suggestion
  • Subject should be suggestion
  • Include a description of the suggestion
  • Include reasoning for your suggestion
  • and include your player name
Remember, when appealing a ban, reporting an issue, or making a suggestion, it's most beneficial to be polite and professional. Just remember, you'll get more with sugar than with salt...


The Fortyninth Joint Operations Unit!!!