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Postby ZAP44 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:21 pm


We're hoping to get our next release of PR ArmA2 out very soon.

Our testing team is quite small, which is actually very helpful in focusing on specific issues or bugs and getting them resolved. However, for larger scale testing - for example to ensure performance is acceptable, we need the help of the PR community!

Therefore, in conjunction with Tactical Gamer, we propose to hold a closed beta testing event on a Tactical Gamer server, this coming weekend. We're planning on starting at 19:00 GMT on Friday 10th February, and running through to 06:00 GMT on Monday 13th February. The server will be locked for the duration of the testing event. The password will be communicated later here, and on the Tactical Gamer forums.

This test will allow us to check gameplay with a large number of players, and also highlight any bugs and issues that may have been missed in internal testing.

We will be creating a special build of the mod for this event. It is not the final build and will not be useable after the event. We will publish the link later in the week. The download will be provided in 7z format and will contain installation instructions.

There were great expectations prior to the release of PR: ArmA2 0.1. It's unfortunate that multiplayer performance was below par, and we could never have anticipated that. Naturally that will have driven some people away, but hopefully not permanently. With the 1.60 patch BIS have done an absolutely brilliant job in improving multiplayer performance, and multiplayer ArmA2 is a sheer joy to play now. And that includes PR: ArmA2.

So please join us for a weekend of PR: ArmA2 v0.15 fun! And spread the word too - we need that server positively brimming with people!

We look forward to seeing you all.

The Project Reality Team

Just a heads up, we hope to have a passworded installer up tonight, or early tomorrow. Keep watching this thread for details.

Download will include a torrent. If you download the torrent please continue to seed so that as many people as possible can get the file quickly. ... event.html

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